2019 Realm Makers Conference

Pre-Conference Session
Instructor: Robert Liparulo

A lot of writers dream of seeing their Harry Potter- or Lord of the Rings-type
series on bookseller shelves, but writing, selling, and marketing a series requires
a different strategy from standalone books. Some things to consider:
• How do you / should you approach publishers with a series idea?
• How should a series proposal differ from a standalone proposal?
• How to develop a successful standalone into a series.
• What happens if a publisher drops you mid-series?
• What is the best publishing schedule for series?
• How do you keep readers reading book after book?
• Catching readers up on “the story so far” without over-telling or exasperating them.
• How do you make subsequent books in a series better than the ones before?
• Writing with a series in mind: using mini-arcs within a series-long arc.
• How to get the most bang for you marketing buck when getting the word out.
... plus some technical aspects of series writing.


Post-Conference Session
Instructor: Jill Williamson

Whether you’re a traditionally published author or an indie, if you have a book coming
out, you want to launch it well. Having published over twenty books, I’ve developed
a checklist of what to do and when. Every book isn’t the same, however, and not
every book launch requires the same formula for success. In this class we’ll go over
this checklist while you make your own. We’ll discuss how the list can be modified
for different scenarios, depending on whether the book is a stand-alone, the first
in a new series, a middle book, or the last book in a series. We will also talk about
the difference between launching a traditional book and an indie book, and how to
continually evaluate your launch process.

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