A Christian's Carol: A Modern Retelling of Dickens' Classic Tale
by Wayne Thomas Batson

Ebenezer Krow is a relentless man who charges through life, holding himself and everyone else to the letter of the law. Krow’s nephew, his employees, his business associates—even mankind in general—all feel the castigating burn of Krow’s glare. One night, on Christmas Eve, Krow is visited by his long-dead business partner, Marley Chastain. The ghost warns Krow that three spirits, one of them a devil, will assail him throughout the night. But will the harrowing experience be enough to tear the scab from his sin-scarred soul? Or will the lessons of Christmas and Krow himself be lost forever? In this faithful but modern retelling of Dickens’ classic tale, Batson offers readers a thought-provoking “ghost of an idea” to haunt our homes and churches pleasantly for many years to come.

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Wayne Thomas Batson
146 pages

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