Blade Bearer (The Risen Age Archive - Volume 2)
by Rebecca P. Minor

Friendships in ruin. A fading future. Death’s shadow looming over all.

Danae Baledric beats a desperate retreat across a tundra wasteland, where neither she nor her magical abilities can hide. The stolen sword she carries guarantees her enemies hunt her, determined to reclaim the blade. In the meantime, the weapon’s supernatural voice bores into her companions’ hearts with whispers that sunder trust and truth.

But Danae cannot quail before the perils closing in. A curse drains her father’s very life with each day that passes. Before she can return to her homeland to save him, she must deliver the sword to the city of Bilearne.

Every step Danae takes toward fulfilling her quest uncovers new obstacles to her primary desire—to grow in magical knowledge great enough to see her father healed. And then a war rages across her path. Factions splinter and promises crumple under a siege that strangles Danae’s last hopes.

In the midst of war’s devastation, Danae must summon the strength to do what’s right, even if it means jeopardizing everything she first set out to conquer.    


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