BOONE: THE FORGOTTEN (Books of the Gardener, Boone 2)
by Lauren H. Brandenburg

Boone Tackett’s year is off to a bad start. He is confused by new visions, doesn’t have a single class with his friends, and has to eat lunch alone. To make matters worse, he learns that a dark force is threatening the peaceful existence of the Mishpachah. When he finds that a mysterious leader with a bizarre secret has emerged among them, he is caught between defending his position in the garden and preventing chaos from overthrowing their way of life. With the assistance of the reclusive Binders, and an assignment that involves a society of misplaced collectors, Boone will have to pass through the darkness in order to save the garden and prove that he is not forgotten.

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Lauren Brandenburg
226 pages
Kingdom Publishing Press
Age Range:
8 to 12 years

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