Amish Werewolves of Space (Peril in Plain Space Book 3)
by Kerry Nietz

Some say death comes in threes. For the Amish community of Alabaster, it seems to. They’ve maintained an uneasy alliance with the vamperkinder, the altered humans that rescued them from the zombies seven years ago. But after several vicious attacks—nighttime slaughters that could only have been perpetrated by the kinder—the truce between the two peoples is in jeopardy.Meanwhile, the resurgent zombie horde and haunting nightly howls portend the doom not only of the Amish, but of the entire galaxy. As more and more planets fall, the survivors of Alabaster's relocation hunt for a solution..Can they restore the peace? Escape the horde? Save the galaxy?Or is it already too late?

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Kerry Nietz
Freeheads (November 12, 2019)
488 pages

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