Curse Bearer (The Risen Age Archive - Volume 1) REVISED COVER
by Rebecca P. Minor

When Danae Baledric flees her homeland in search of a cure for a degenerative malady that’s killing her father, she never expects the journey to teach her the price of her own ignorance. On a trek across foreign lands, Danae learns that beyond her own struggle, an eternal war rages. That conflict claims its victims one soul at a time. Danae’s investigation reveals not only that her father teeters close to falling victim to sinister machinations, but also how her magical dabbling has spurred a hunt for her. Power, even employed in ignorance, has a cost. An unexpected ally extends to Danae a chance to conquer her father’s fate. This same chance also offers her deliverance from a debt she never realized her enemies were tallying against her. But something bars Danae from claiming redemption—her insistence that she must achieve her goals in her own strength. It’s an epic tale of curses and miracles, where headstrong ignorance creates bondage, and the desire to serve offers freedom.

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Rebecca P. Minor
Realm Makers Media
415 pages

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