Divine Summons (The Windrider Saga Book 1)
by Rebecca P. Minor

When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast, an officer in the elven cavalry, narrowly escapes a devastating scouting mission, he discovers a new calling to establish and command an airborne unit of mounted warriors. Joined by an enigmatic half-elven prophetess and a silver dragon, Vinyanel struggles to come to grips with this responsibility, while mourning the recent loss of his unit and only friends.‰Û¬‰Û¬

A subversive plot emerges within the walls of the elven capital city, one that threatens to provide the elves’ enemies with hellish destructive power. Only with the prophetess’s help will Vinyanel unravel the mystery behind the enemy’s plans—that is, if the two of them can stop bickering long enough to work together. Vinyanel barrels headlong into territory where he will need more than a sword and shield to prevail. Only if he can look beyond himself for the strength to defeat his enemies will he survive to answer his divine summons.

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Rebecca P. Minor
152 pages
Realm Makers Media
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14 and up

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Divine Summons

Emily on Nov 9th 2018

Great story, well done characters, and a well done fantasy world, a quick, but good read. Can't wait to read the next one!