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Into the Book of Light (The Dream Traveler's Quest, Book 1)
by Ted Dekker & Kara Dekker

Millions have taken the journey into the Dekker universe. Now that universe opens its doors to young readers.

What if you could find a way to enter another reality full of wild and life changing adventure? And what if every time you fell asleep you woke up in that other reality? Welcome to the world of Theo Dunnery, a twelve year-old boy who feels alone and full of fear when he stumbles on an ancient book that draws him into another world.

In that world, he learns he must complete a quest to find the Five Seals of Truth if he is to conquer his fears. Facing great odds and many enemies, Theo sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to discover who he really is as the son of Elyon, and overcome the darkness that has haunted him for so long.

Join Theo on The Dream Traveler's Quest, one story told in four chapter books. Read all four and discover the truth for yourself.

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Ted Dekker & Kara Dekker
128 pages
Outlaw Studios
Age Range:
7 to 12
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