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Realm Makers logo mug
handmade by Eva

These mugs are all one of a kind, unique creations. The size and glazing will differ from one to another.

One side shows the Realm Makers logo, the other has our award logo dragon design.
Both logo designs by Kirk DouPonce.

We had a style change due to issues with the new clay and the original glazes she was using. Eva says, "[I] finally ended up making my own Majolica glaze. So the glazes are single colored without speckles but they are vibrant and beautifully smooth. The glaze recipe is an Italian glaze that originated in the middle east in the 9th century and traveled to Spain and Italy in the 15th to 16th century."

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Eva Hozinez
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Super nice

Alex Mellen on Aug 6th 2019

I love how much this mug can hold without being unwieldy! And the colors are beautiful.