SAINT DEATH by Mike Duran

Reagan Moon didn’t plan on being an earth guardian. 

He was your average paranormal reporter...until 1,000 volts of raw electricity fused an ancient relic into his sternum. It left him with Powers and lets him do things most humans can't. There are others like him, six of them to be exact. They call themselves the Imperia and are charged with keeping earth from going down the toilet. This usually involves fighting monsters, tweaking the laws of physics, and keeping lots of booze and bandages on hand.

But when Saint Death comes knocking, no amount of holy water and hand grenades can slow her roll.

She’s the queenpin of the Santa Muerte pantheon. The folk religion’s central deity often appeared as a Virgin or a bride. Some called her the Grim Reapress. But mostly she was known as Saint Death. Now she's got a companion. With the help of the Summu Nura, a Neuro priestess has rediscovered the Grimoire of Azrael, the Archangel of Death. And the Tenth Plague is about to be unleashed upon Los Angeles. Apparently, only Moon and his weathered compatriots can prevent the angel’s arrival. Yet earth guardians aren’t indestructible…as Saint Death is about to prove. 

Myth and history collide in the second installment of what Publishers Weekly called “one of the best indie novels of 2015.”

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Fantastic Sequel

Laura A. Grace on Dec 14th 2018

Wow! So I really liked "Saint Death" a lot more than "The Ghost Box" (and that one was already good!) and I feel that says so much from someone who doesn't like to read anything scary. One of my favorite parts that really helped me love this book is the theme of counting the cost to carry your cross. I thought the author did an excellent job of conveying what it really means and just how high that cost can be (Reagan makes an excellent example of this). The struggles Reagan faces in really determining how much he really is willing to give was powerful. Another favorite part was the character arc of Kanya. I absolutely loved her in book one and was so pleasantly surprised to learn more of her story (even if it wasn't pleasant). It was wonderful to cheer for HER as well as see her overcome her own struggles. There are a few other things that I immensely enjoyed about this story, with the companionship of the Imperia being another one (the Earth guardians are so awesome!), though this review would become much longer if I did. Overall, a fantastic sequel that I would recommend to those who like a paranormal read that leaves you on the edge of your seat, but also cheering for characters who are just like us (at least for the most part). Very good read!