The Clockwork Man

W. M. Beck Jr.

It’s a scientific fact that robots are awesome. The Clockwork Man is the story of Kol, who learns what he’s made of and what he’s made for. Kol is sent by his creator on a journey to retrieve everything of value he comes across. Along the way he meets a colorful cast of characters who each leave their mark on him. As Kol tries to be more like them he is weighed down by the pressure and eventually collapses under the strain. In that broken-down place he meets a stranger who helps him get back on his feet and discover who he was created to be.

About the Author

Pastor, author, nerd—W. M. Beck, Jr. lives in Spring City, Pennsylvania with his wife, six children, four cats (only one of which he likes), and a dog. He is the lead pastor of Spring City Fellowship and the owner of Endless Press, a small, independent publishing company. When he’s not tending to any of those things he spends his time inside his imagination.

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W. M. Beck Jr.
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4-8 years

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