The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz
DarkTrench Saga - Book 2

** Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist **
** Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist **
** EPIC eBook Award Finalist

He crossed the stars to follow a song...

So where's the singer?

Sandfly is free of the rules and free of Earth, but now there's a new mystery to solve.

With his female companion, HardCandy, and a secret ship named DarkTrench, he travels across time and space to find the source and meaning of the transmission that changed his life.

When they arrive in the Betelgeuse system, they discover something the former crew did not--a planet. On it lives a civilization of humanoids that are technologically advanced, peaceful, and mystifying. Is their meeting an occurrence the Scriptures predicted? HardCandy thinks so. Sandfly is not so sure.

But what he most wants to know is why is he seeing things no one else can.

And where is the song that brought them here--or its singer? Where is the Superlative Stream?

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Kerry Nietz
302 pages
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12 & up

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