Valor's Worth (The Windrider Saga Book 3)
by Rebecca P. Minor

When Lieutenant Commander Vinyanel Ecleriast intercepts a missive from the legendary Elgadrim people, he discovers the notorious dragon-kin may pose an ever-mounting threat against elves and men. Vinyanel must choose: return home and await orders, or embark on a self-appointed mission to investigate the rumor of calamity. Despite the misgivings of both his subordinates and his prophetess mentor, Vinyanel pursues his hunch. 

The enemies’ plans to employ the Chalice of Gherag-Tal in a gruesome plot of sacrifice and domination drive Vinyanel into a rescue mission. Stymied by delays, he races against the relentless march of time running short. The unexpected arrival of a hatchling dragon, with whom Vinyanel shares and unbreakable bond, further complicates his plans to thwart the summoning of a supernatural army.

A festering grudge. A quest kindled. A wound's depth. In the midst of warring factions stands the truth of valor's worth.

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Rebecca P. Minor
410 pages
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14 and up

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