WILLOUGHBY Goes A Wee Bit Batty by Pam Halter

Willoughby loves looking at his fabulous treasure trove every night before going to bed. One evening, he hears a CRASH outside. A mysterious creature has flown into his back-scratching tree and needs help. What will Willoughby do? Help a new friend or protect his treasure? Willoughby is a young, somewhat clumsy, gentle dragon who is learning to live and interact with friends from the meadow near his home in the Land of Dern. In this picture book series for ages 4-8, Willoughby learns about friendship, getting along with creatures different from himself, and discovers he can do things he never thought he could.

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Pam Halter
Kim Sponaugle
Age Range:
4-8 years
Willoughby and Friends

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